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Hi, I'm Nick. Every Monday I write a letter to more than 3,200 web developers interested in JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Node.js, and related technologies.

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    What developers are saying

    Though I am subscribed to other newsletters, yours is the only one I read these days, if not for anything, but it's quality: informative and straight to the point.

    You have a good newsletter and I have not regretted subscribing, it's short, straight to the point, and the most awesome part (for me) is the "Tweet of the week"

    Your newsletter is...f**king awesome, really Nick. It gives me a great start to the week with a lot of great knowledge.

    Your newsletter are really helpful, I have just started to learn HTML and CSS and some of your content I don't understand but still I keep all the mails which I received from you. Thank you for making it free.

    I wanted to personally reach out to thank you for all the great content you are putting out there about web development.

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