9 years ago I wrote my first line of code and that was the moment when I started my programming journey. During these years I worked from small startups to big corporations. I saw a good, bad, and ugly side of the tech field. Gain great expertise in web development and in 2020 finally quite to work on my own big project.

In 2020 I created a goal – help 1.000.000 people to become highly paid developers by 2023.

One million people is a big number and also I have only 3 years. Crazy.

Why I did that?

I love coding, but I want to solve bigger problems in life. I found that influence and teach people is " that big problem," big project I want to work on. I like to see how my expertise and knowledge can help someone. How this person grows, improves and wins in life. It makes happy something inside me. And why we are here if not to be happy?

That's why I am doing it.

If you read it now and need some help with programming DM me on Twitter, I can help.

My Journey

2011: First line of code. It was Visual Basic and Assembly (rough start for a young men, not recommend nowadays)

2012-2014: Start to learn about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MeteorJS. Create my first job board and bunch of other side projects.

2014-2015: My first job as a Junior Software Engineer. Work as a Full Stack Developer with NodeJS, JavaScript, and Mongo. First time was introduced to ReactJS ❤️

2015-2016: Constantly upgraded my skill set. Learn about Webpack, AWS, PostgresSQL, Redis. Got my CS degree. Got my second job in a big software company.

2016-2018: My third job! Lead Frontend Developer. Learned a lot about leading and hiring people. Was introduced to AngularJS. Specialize in big e-commerce applications.

2018-2019: Got into YC Startup. Fun time. ReactJS, React Native, Koa, Express, Parcel, "heavy Webpack."

2019-2020: Got into another startup and started to grow as a content creator. Create my big goal to help 1.000.000 people.

2020-2023: Helped 1.000.000 people to become highly paid developers.