9 years ago I wrote my first line of code and that was the moment when I started my programming journey.

Over the years, I've worked for many companies, from the YCombinator startup to a large corporation working on products for Big 4 Wireless Carriers giants like AT&T. Gained a lot of experience in web development and finally decided to share this knowledge with people.

If you read it now and need some help with web development, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

My Programming Journey

2012: First line of code. It was Visual Basic (rough start for a young man, not recommend nowadays)

2014-2015: One project idea (job board website for remote developers) came to mind and I decided to build it. To do this, I started to learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and one popular framework back then called MeteorJS.

2015-2016: Finally built it (job board website for remote developers) and also a bunch of other. But after a couple of months, I realized I couldn't monetize them, so I decided to get a job (now, I understand that I could, but at the time I didn't know and didn't understand how)

2015-2016: Started freelancing.

2016-2017:Landed my first job as a Junior Software Engineer but worked as a Full Stack Developer as is often the case in small companies. Learned NodeJS and MongoDB. And somewhere in late 2015 met ReactJS ❤️

2017: Graduated with a Computer Science degree.

2017-2018: Landed a job in a big software company. Lead Frontend Developer. Learned a lot about hiring and managing people. Tried AngularJS (and never touched it again)

2018-2019: Landed a job at YC Startup. Formed my ultimate tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, ExpressJS, Webpack, and Postgresql/MongoDB.

2019-2020: Got into another startup. Learned React Native.

July 2020: Turned into Content Creator.