I am Nick Bull, Frontend Developer and Content Creator.

In 2020 I created a goal – help 1.000.000 people to become great developers by 2023.

I gain a great expertise in web development and now I am ready to share this knowledge with you.

But why am I doing it?

For real, I found that teaching is my passion.

I like to see how my experience and knowledge help people.

It motivates the "inner me."

That is why I am doing it and now you know it.

My Journey

2011: First line of code. It was Visual Basic and Assembly (rough start for a young men, not recommend nowadays)

2012-2014: Start to learn about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MeteorJS. Create my first job board and bunch of other side projects.

2014-2015: My first job as a Junior Software Engineer. Work as a Full Stack Developer with NodeJS, JavaScript, and Mongo. First time was introduced to ReactJS ❤️

2015-2016: Constantly upgraded my skill set. Learn about Webpack, AWS, PostgresSQL, Redis. Got my CS degree. Got my second job in a big software company.

2016-2018: My third job! Lead Frontend Developer. Learned a lot about leading and hiring people. Was introduced to AngularJS. Specialize in big e-commerce applications.

2018-2019: Got into YC Startup. Fun time. ReactJS, React Native, Koa, Express, Parcel, "heavy Webpack."

2019-2020: Got into another startup and started to grow as a content creator. Create my big goal to help 1.000.000 people.

2020-2023: Helped 1.000.000 people to become great developers.