9 years ago I wrote my first line of code on Visual Basic and that was the moment when I started my coding journey.

I had no clear goal as to why I was learning to code. No plan. Just pure interest in what it is. It reminded me of Lego, which was fun to play when I was a kid. Programming and lego have the same approach - you build something out of little blocks. That's what attracted me to it.

5-6 years ago I found Pieter Levels and realized that I can build something with the code and make money from it. Pieter showed me the world of side projects (aka startups) and I immediately started generating project ideas and learning something more difficult than HTML.

My first project idea became a job-board-forum for remote developers. To develop it I knew nothing. Just simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But it wasn't enough. So I started googling "how to create a complex website." And after a couple of fearing advice to learn Java and Python, I finally found MeteorJS. It was a kind of full-stack framework to build web applications. Very popular back then. So I chose it and started my first indie project.

It took me 3 months to learn everything I need and to develop a job-board-forum. I even learn how to deploy everything to DigitalOcean droplet via ssh (sometimes it scares me even now). Long story short, after it I've built 3 more side projects.

One of the side projects

It was great. It was fun. But after a couple of months, I shut them all down. I realized I couldn't monetize them. Back then my home country had no access to Stripe or Paypal and I learned it only after I've built side projects (not a smart move). I thought there is no future for them. A huge mistake, as I see it now, but let's go on.

After I understood that can't make money from side projects I started freelancing and looking for a job.

My tech stack was HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Meteor, NodeJS and MongoDB. It was not so wildly common back then so it took a long time to find my first job. And here are the events that happened next:

2016-2017: Landed my first job as a Junior Software Engineer but worked as a Full Stack Developer as is often the case in small companies. Somewhere in late 2016 met ReactJS ❤️

2017: Graduated with a Computer Science degree.

2017-2018: Landed a job in a big software company. Lead Frontend Developer. Tried AngularJS (and never touched it again). Built side project and failed.

2018-2019: Landed a job at YC Startup. Formed my ultimate tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, ExpressJS, Webpack, and Postgresql/MongoDB.

2019-2020: Got into another startup. Learned React Native. Built startup with 2 co-founders and half succeed.

July 2020: Turned into Content Creator.

And now I'm helping people to learn about web development, and start career in tech. Over the years, I've worked for many companies, from the YCombinator startup to a large corporation working on products for Big 4 Wireless Carriers giants like AT&T. Gained a lot of experience in web development and finally decided to share this knowledge with people.

If you read it now and need some help with web development, feel free to DM me on Twitter.