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I'm working on two things:

1. Building a place where you can learn CSS, HTML and JavaScript by playing coding games Coding Fantasy

2. Growing a private community for ambitious developers with goals Tech Bandits


Senior Fronted Developer with 6+ years of experience in the tech field. Author of Win “The Interview” Game book.

Closely working with: ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Express, JavaScript, NextJS.

Contact me

Say hello on Twitter: @nickbulljs. Or mail me at:

How it started

9 years ago I wrote my first line of code on Visual Basic and that was the moment when I started my coding journey.

I had no clear goal as to why I was learning to code. No plan. Just pure interest in what it is. It reminded me of Lego, which was fun to play when I was a kid. Programming and lego have the same approach - you build something out of little blocks. That's what attracted me to it.

5-6 years ago I found Pieter Levels and realized that I can build something with the code and make money from it. Pieter showed me the world of side projects (aka startups) and I immediately started generating project ideas and learning something more difficult than HTML.

My first project idea became a job-board-forum for remote developers. To develop it I knew nothing. Just simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But it wasn't enough. So I started googling "how to create a complex website." And after a couple of fearing advice to learn Java and Python, I finally found MeteorJS. It was a kind of full-stack framework to build web applications. Very popular back then. So I chose it and started my first indie project.

It took me 3 months to learn everything I need and to develop a job-board-forum. I even learn how to deploy everything to DigitalOcean droplet via ssh (sometimes it scares me even now).

After it I've built 3 more side projects.

One of the side projects

It was great. It was fun. But after a couple of months, I shut them all down. I realized I couldn't monetize them. Back then my home country had no access to Stripe or Paypal and I learned it only after I've built side projects (not a smart move). I thought there is no future for them. A huge mistake, as I see it now, but let's go on.

After it, I started freelancing and looking for a job.

My tech stack was HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Meteor, NodeJS and MongoDB. It was not so wildly common back then so it took a long time to find my first job. And here are the events that happened next:

2016-2017: Landed my first job as a Junior Software Engineer but worked as a Full Stack Developer as is often happening in small companies. Somewhere in late 2016 met ReactJS.

2017: Graduated with a Computer Science degree.

2017-2018: Landed a job in a big software company. Lead Frontend Developer. Tried AngularJS (and never touched it again).

2018-2019: Landed a job at YC Startup. Formed my ultimate tech stack: ReactJS, Redux, ExpressJS, Webpack, and Postgresql/MongoDB.

2019-2020: Got into another startup. Learned React Native. Built startup with 2 co-founders and half succeed.

2020-Now: Following my instinct motivation.

Over the years, I've worked for many companies, from the YCombinator startup to a large corporation working on products for Big 4 Wireless Carriers giants like AT&T. I've been lucky enough to work with great people, on challenging projects, and solve interesting problems. I've gained a lot of experience in web development and finally decided to share that knowledge with people and apply it to creating my own things.